International Digital Critical Mass

Critical Mass gaat deze maand digitaal. Op initiatief van Critical Mass Zurich houden we deze maand een internationale digitale Critical Mass.

Online zal er een internationale Zoom meeting georganiseerd worden door Critical Mass Zurich met maximum 300 deelnemers. De details hiervan kan je onderaan vinden in het bericht dat wij in gebrekkig Engels van Zurich hebben gekregen.

Omdat de plaatsen beperkt zijn en omdat we liever met ons gat op een zadel zitten dan een stoel willen we deze editie graag digitaal met jullie fietsen. Deze vrijdagavond zullen fietsers wereldwijd de app Critical Maps opzetten om hun virtuele deelname te delen. Je kan nog een stap verder gaan en effectief gaan fietsen met deze app, of deel een post van je fietstocht via Instagram, Strava of andere favoriete social media met de tag #CriticalMass

International Digital Critical Mass

* Forwarding to critical individual pieces is desired*

We have recovered almost completely from the last Digital Critical Mass in March. We were dancing the virus from our mucous membranes to the music of the Bachdar boys and DJ* Senn and DJ* Wishalot.

In particular we were happy about the international participation at the ‘Digital Mass’.

Unfortunately, Covid19 is still looking for potential mucous membranes, which is why the Konsumkamine again decided not to take back the street on the last Friday in April. Instead there is a Digital Mass 2.0.

To experience an even more diverse, creative, unique, big, fun, colourful and memorable Digital Mass, we want more international critical pieces. That’s why we invite you to zoom in on Friday, 24 April 2020 at 18:45 via this link (If link does not work: MEETING ID: 244-244-2020)

Below you will find a few more tips that have proved their worth last time:

Make sure you dress up & provide a fancy background. No matter if it’s a rave cave, or just a virtual background (googleit!)
Just like with the “real” CM, it is BYO! special freaky stuff, (digital) fireworks, bicycle horn, etc.
Dance and wear a helmet, safety first 😉

Do you want to be more active in the Digital Mass 2.0? Then join this Telegram Channel and tell us what you want to perform:

For inspiration: In March there was an aerobics performance, a piano concert, a virtual bar, a quiz and much more. There are no limits to the imagination.

Be creative, let your imagination run wild and surprise the masses!

Tips for a smooth participation:
⁃ Download the “Zoom” app on your computer or download Google Chrome (firefox does not work for some people)
– If link does not work: MEETING ID: 244-244-2020
⁃ Be on time (there is a maximum of 300 people)
⁃ Remember “We’re not blocking the servers – we are the servers”

Konsumkamine and many other already confirmed participants are looking forward to another colourful and unforgettable Digital Mass!

Please feel free to forward this message to interested critical pieces.

Lots of love & hopefully see you this Friday.

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Critical Mass Antwerpen

Fiets mee op de Critical Mass van ‘t stad. Elke laatste vrijdag van de maand, 18u, Theaterplein. Voor een betere fietsstad voor iedereen!


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